Well, after another absence, prolonged not by distance, since, well, my computer was right behind me for like 3-4 MONTHS I WAS ON FURLOUGH… I’m back.


Ok… so, priorities.

  1. EUROVISION 2021. Let’s see if they actually air it so I can see the damn thing in the US before 2023.
  2. THE GRAND TOUR OF MY MUSIC COLLECTION: I finished a proper play through a while back, but there are new albums (physical and digital) and I got really bogged down by not wanting to write about how I don’t feel Tori Amos as much as I used to .. (STILL THE CASE) but… we must move on.
  3. Just more stuff than I want to put on Facebook, because long form rants don’t look good there.

So, back to it. We’ll see how it goes. ONWARDS!!!

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