Come On Bring A Friend! Adventure Time: Come Along With Me

March 21, 2021

You may or may not have watched ‘Adventure Time,’ either the original series on Cartoon Network and Hulu, or the spinoff on HBOMax.

You should. You don’t need to be a child, or in an altered state to enjoy it.

I’m way behind the show, near the end of the second season, but it’s a delightful chillout, featuring quirky characters, deceptively cute art design and delightful music.. both instrumental and with lyrics. This album features mostly instrumentals.. with the exception of a cover of the opening and closing credit songs. The closer- ‘Island Song’ in all it’s simplicity, is one of my many favorite songs. Playing it invites thoughts of spring, and escape from whatever stress you may be fleeing or not yet able to flee.

There’s a great video of the song that kind spoils the show.. so, let’s just hear the song.

There are multiple albums of songs from the show, which I might binge buy at a later time. Do you need to buy this album if you aren’t a fan of the show? Maybe not, but regardless of whether you watch the adventures of Jake The Dog and Finn The Human, this is an enjoyable, atmospheric album.

Oh, and watch the show. You’re welcome.

Artist: Various
Album: Adventure Time: Come Along with Me (Music from the Original TV Series)
Year: 2018
Date Listened in Tour: 3/2/21
Rating: ****
Best Songs: Island Song


March 2, 2021


Well, after another absence, prolonged not by distance, since, well, my computer was right behind me for like 3-4 MONTHS I WAS ON FURLOUGH… I’m back.


Ok… so, priorities.

  1. EUROVISION 2021. Let’s see if they actually air it so I can see the damn thing in the US before 2023.
  2. THE GRAND TOUR OF MY MUSIC COLLECTION: I finished a proper play through a while back, but there are new albums (physical and digital) and I got really bogged down by not wanting to write about how I don’t feel Tori Amos as much as I used to .. (STILL THE CASE) but… we must move on.
  3. Just more stuff than I want to put on Facebook, because long form rants don’t look good there.

So, back to it. We’ll see how it goes. ONWARDS!!!

Eurovision Second Semi-Finals, Part 2: OK… the First Semis are likely already on the air…. but I’M DONE!

May 14, 2019

Onto the final nine of the eighteen nations performing in the Second Semi’s in Tel Aviv.

Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Ireland and Latvia grabbed me… let’s see if anyone else can be the cream in my fine Eurovision Coffee!

Starting up with the country that kicked the knights out and kept the temples that are older than the Pyramids and Stonehenge… MALTA:


Fun. Just plain fun pop. This should do well… it’s a song you could imagine hearing on a spotify or… what is that thing.. radial… radeeeooohh? Whatever. It’s a pick for me.

Next up… half the country makes wine, the other half has the pick of thirty monasteries… MOLDOVA:

You know that the Canadian Celine Dion sang for Switzerland ( because you can do that) thirty years ago? Do you think that Anna Odobescu was going for a Celine Dion vibe?

I’m not digging it. Not hating it… it’s total Eurocrack, but I’m not shook.

Now from the home of the Cyrillic Language and the world’s oldest lake… NORTH MACEDONIA:

Power ballad, pride in inner beauty. Good message, not particularly great song.

Next up, from the land of Ibsen and Okkupert and YLVIS… NORWAY:

YES! CHEESINESS! CUTE SINGERS AND ONE DUDE WHO MAYBE AIN’T CUTE BUT KNOWS HE IS! PEOPLE IN ANIMAL EARS!!! A lot of  fun pop music and people having fun singing it.

This is my top pick. I dig a lot of songs, hate one or two… but I like this even more than BDSM Icelanders.

Now… one of my ancestral countries, home of some of the earlier Homo Sapiens fossils and the 2nd largest building in the world after the Pentagon.. ROMANIA:

Ok.. this is good. A nice groove… fully embracing the goth/vampire thing… Romanians don’t always go goth, you know… I hope they make it to the finals, and you should to.

Next up… from a country that practiced it’s dirty tricks to elect Trump in Eurovision… RUSSIA:

Sorry, Sergey… not your fault. Fine enough song,  but not anything interesting. Expect serious production value on stage.

Ladies and gentlemen, a pop powerhouse and home of five official languages… SWEDEN:

HELL YEAH, SWEDEN! This almost knocked off Norway as my top pick.. because, the dude is killing it, and knows it. But.. cat ears kinda win. If this song doesn’t make the finals, there is no justice in Eurovision.

Which, to be fair, is possible. It’s Eurovision, Jake.

From the home of one of my favorite bear pits in the world and most beautiful cities in the world… SWITZERLAND:

Ok.. so the dude is actually Swiss… and the song is delightfully cheesy, though the mama talk is kind of disturbing. I think the crowd in Tel Aviv will go nuts for it… not sure if I dig dig it, but I give it props.

And… yes… I got ’em all in… a land that gave us “America First, Netherlands Second” and built the first European colony on the island I was born on… THE NETHERLANDS:

Ok.. love it. Love the song, could listen to it outside of international musical competitions.

Of this group, Malta, Norway*, Romania, Sweden and the Netherlands are my picks. Keep an eye on Switzerland.. they should do well.

Other notes:

  • This has been a surprisingly more heartfelt, less electronic Eurovision than some years. Not sure why.. but it feels less Eurodisco and more good music radio.
  • I may snark… I snark a whole lot, but thanks to all the people who make Eurovision happen. This is just a big ball of fun, and despite all the politics and controversies which will pop up.. thanks to the performers for getting up there.

    Ok… this bad boy is done. See you Wednesday or really late Tuesday to review the first Semi Final winners.

Eurovision 2019- SemiFinals Part 2, Part 1: The ALMOST THERE!!!

May 14, 2019

Ok… so we’re almost at Eurovision! We can’t watch it on TV in the US… so I’ll be following up with the winners on YouTube.

In the meantime… I have to haul ass and watch a ton of videos. SO HERE WE GO!!!

Starting with a land of wine and really good internet.. ALBANIA:

Points for the dark, Madonna in the Aughts vibe, but I’m not grabbed by it. It’s nice that it doesn’t scream ‘Europop Made To Win Eurovision’ but it doesn’t scream much else.

Next up, from a land of mountains and a brave transsexual parliamentarian.. ARMENIA:

Ok.. totally doing the ‘Imagine Dragons’ thing.. and it is mostly non-political. Armenia has done the occasional very pointed songs about the Armenian Genocide… and with Turkey out of the contest since 2014, and other political considerations about the site country.. it’s smart they’ve gone pop.

Now, from one of my three ancestral countries, and home of CONCHITA WURST… AUSTRIA:

Ok… it’s not really grabbing me, but it’s got a chance. What can I say.. nice, but not much there. But get this woman singing for soundtracks. STAT!

Next up, from a land of serious tea and alleged caviar diplomacy… AZERBAIJAN:

Ok.. I dig the Sexy Mortal Kombat Meets Funky Maroon 5/ Enrique Iglesias vibe. I legit dig it, and it could get a regional bump.

Next up… from the land of ‘Game Of Thrones’ locations and independent since 1995.. CROATIA:

It’s easy to forget that history never really stopped in Europe.. and singing songs wishing for love makes more sense given some of the really recent history. But sorry, the song just   doesn’t grab me.

And now, another Eurovision powerhouse and one of my fave countries in the world… DENMARK:

This is a real cute song, Leonara is both a skater and singer.. but she kind a scares me. Like, she’s gonna pop a regulator in her sub processors and start looking for Sarah Conner. But, she’s singing to a whole bunch of countries, so… she has a shot.

Followed by the bards of Europe and SEVEN TIME WINNAHHS… IRELAND:

Ok… I’m a dual citizen, so I’m biased as hell, but this is a fun song. Sarah, the make up makes me thing you’re from Long Island in the ’80’s. Come on girl.. you can do better. This is “Adele” light, but it’s fun. And Ireland… people like us. But, we’ve so many damn Eurovisions we lost count.. no, we haven’t.. SEVEN!!!… so unless we take the world by storm, a win is unlikely.

But I’m backing her. ALWAYS BET ON A GREEN! Well, bet on blue if it’s Leinster Rugby but I digress….

Now, from the land of the tallest women in the world and that IS NOT LATVERIA.. LATVIA:

Not great, but real singing, nice bounce, lo fi… yeah. GET YA SOME, LATVIA!!!

And now, a country with it’s own official scent and tons of Amber… LITHUANIA:

Ok… totes feeling ‘One Republic,’ and it’s not bad. Not grabbing me, another one that could go far, and I won’t be mad it it does. But suggestion… run from lions. Works better that way. I know people who ran with lions.. never mind.

Ok.. nine more to go, and of these nine… no real Eurovision Misery. Even the ones that didn’t grab me were fun…and even if they are less of the insane Eurovision videos of yore, people are putting in effort.

My picks are Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Ireland and Latvia.. let’s see what we think of the Second Half of the Second Semi-Finals of Eurovision 2019!!!

Eurovision 2019: The Guaranteed Finalists

May 13, 2019

Of the 41… damn… contestants, 6 are automatically in the finals. Because they pay for the lions share of Eurovision costs, the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France are automatically in the Finals. The last nation is host nation and last year’s winner… this year Israel.

Now, there are people who argue this is unfair, and this is considered one reason why the Big 5 haven’t won in forever. No one wants to really vote for them. The last Big 5 win was Germany and 2010… and the last time UK won was in 1997 with Katrina And The Waves. Wait… what?

Jaysus Crispus, that’s bad. I mean… ouch. You get why people bash the contest… the winners can be awful. Sorry, Waves.. you are not leaving me walking on sunshine with this.

So, what about this year?


Bilal Hassani… ok, first up, we got androgyny and bilingualism. Lyrics about standing out and being yourself… think Conchita Wurst light. Look.. this is not a great song, but Hassani actually attacks this with charm and energy.  This is a solid like… I’m not rooting for it, but if it does well, I’m happy.

Next up… and yes, it could be  awkward… GERMANY:

S!sters.. not quite feeling that exclamation point. But… this is nice. Plus the whole lyrics apologizing for trying to crush each other and recognizing someone is family… hell, if you are Germany going to Israel for Eurovision, maybe a song with a strong current of reconciliation is not the worst idea.

This could be a good karaoke hit… two drunk gals working it out after arguing and rosé. Not winning me over, but nice.

Followed by the host country, and place you will have opinions about… ISRAEL:

Ok.. Kobi Marimi has a really hard act to follow. And… he’s nice. Soulful crooning of home, mixing gospel with Jewish/Middle Eastern notes. I don’t see Israel being a two time in row winner ( they actually pulled that off in 1978 and 1979,) but this is ok.

And now, from the land of opera and swinging resorts destroyed by volcanoes… ITALY:

Ok.. I actually like this song. A lot.. dude references Jackie Chan and Ramadan, there’s a rhythm you can bounce to… this is the first of the Big 5 I’m like, down with. Yeah… this is up there for me.

And now, from the country path split the undiscovered America’s with Porgtugal by papal decree… SPAIN:

¡Muchas gracias, Miki! This is another great song, feels very Spanish, great rhythm, and could wake you up amid the mid tempo ballads.

And now, from a country that hates and loves Eurovision with same mixed feelings it has for the EU… UNITED KINGDOM:

Now, the UK has actually won Eurovision five times… the last time, we can see above.

Is this the year they win again? No. Politics being what they are… nah, son. But they put up a fun, soulful song, and Michael Rice is feeling it. And since the Irish are feeling pity on our former bad neighbors by issuing them as many Irish passports as they can… well, what the hell.

So, of the Big Five Plus One… I’m going for Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Onto the Second Semi’s… which will hopefully be more fun! Like, actual fun. Not me writhing in pain wondering what I ever did to San Marino to deserve that song….


Eurovision 2019 Semi Finals Part 1, Part 2.. YEAH YEAH!!!

May 4, 2019

Back to the road to Israel, with the wonders of Eurovision. Australia, Czech Republic stood out, Georgia got a ‘why not?’

Starting back up with… GREECE! With Egypt, a parent of Western European civilization and home of ‘Alcohol Is Free!’ one of my favorite non-winning past Eurovision songs.

This is nice. It’s a late Annie Lennox song, with a little Sam Smith and Florence And The Machine. Not massively memorable, but actually enjoyable.

Followed by… HUNGARY!!. Great swordsmanship tradition, horrible politics. But hey.. that’s Europe for ya.

Starts off feeling it like Everlast’s “What’s It Like” but then wanders off and gets lost. Not bad, not great. I have questions if not concerns about the dude’s hair. Ok.. concerns.

Next up… from the land of beautiful melodies and roads built around troll houses.. ICELAND!!!

Every year I joke about how Germany should send Rammstein. Cause.. that would rock. Well, Iceland said ‘Fuck you. We’ll build our own Rammstein. With pretty people in S&M gear and better gender diversity!’ And I dig it. Creepy as hell, but this is a decent song and anytime you have a BDSM collective sponsored by a soda pop company, well… SEND THEM TO EUROVISION!!!

Now… from a tiny nation that Trump considers to be scarily aggressive… MONTENEGRO!!!

Montengero has done some strange stuff before.. sadly this is just a travel video. It features country style music, with an obscure folk instrument (a Eurovision staple.) These are very nice, pretty people, and this song is awful.

Next from a land of great beer, mime, and the late film maker Krzysztof Kieślowski, POLAND!!!

Ok.. this is more like it. Folk music mixed with crunchy rock and vaguely Beatlesque lyrics. This pure Eurovision crack, evocative of the Bulgarian Womens Choir… this is good. I’d like to see it move on.

Onto the country that hosted in 2018.. PORTUGAL!!!

The fuck is this? No, really.. the fuck is this? Conan Osiris is a huge cultural mashup… mayhaps appropriation… which could score well with the judges. But.. the fuck is this?

Surely SAN MARINO can do better.. oh god, no…

Yeah… a bad Eurodisco number with an old guy in a bad suit. I shouldn’t be cruel. But I have no choice.

Now.. from the land of Tesla… our song from SERBIA!!!

Feels very ‘Dust In The Wind,’ dark love and submission… not a fave of mine, but it has a shot. At least it has some feels.

Finally, last band of Semi Finals Part 1- SLOVENIA!

This is a little understated, moody… great lounge music. Maybe a live performance with more emotion will take it further, but I like it. I could see it ending up on a Late Night Tales compilation a couple years from now.

So, of these.. Greece, Iceland, Poland and Slovenia stand out for me with these.. though Slovenia is more like a moodily slouch out for me than stand out. 21 countries of the first two semis will make it in.. so there are lot of chances for these groups to make the finals.

Madonna is playing the finals, it seems. Good for Eurovision… kinda bad for her.



Eurovision 2019: Semi Finals Part 1, Part…1. YEAH!

April 30, 2019

Eurovision has 41 contestants… 35 in the semi’s.. 6 guaranteed in the finals either because they pay so much for the competition (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) or are hosting ( Israel.)

So.. I’m getting not four… five posts out of this.


Let’s start off with eight of the acts from the First Semis.

AUSTRALIA! Which is not in Europe, but has great music, and everyone was happy they were brought in.

Ok.. so we’ve got Techno Kate Bush Doing “Frozen” With Operatic Flourishes.  This was made to hit Eurovision right in the love buttons. Plus… what the hell… is that a a lady in a dress flying around, or is she supposed to be a centaur? I DON’T KNOW AND I DON’T CARE.

I often say other countries are trying to be Ireland. Australia is trying to be Sweden and I am loving it.

Next up… BELARUS!

Yeah… Zena is cute, but is doing Euro Christina Aguilera With Dubstep. Meh.

But hey.. she was the Russian voice of Moana, so she has that going for her!

Next up… land of EDM, Chocolate, Beer, and a colonial history even more terrifying than the UK’s… BELGIUM!!!

I dig this one a little more. Not just for the video production, but there’s some umph to it, and Belgium always sends this skinny dudes who aren’t quite pretty, but aren’t.. not… pretty. Give them a shot!

Now… from a divide island where your stolen luxury car may have ended up.. CYPRUS!

Ok… this a proper Eurovision video. Sexy people, incoherent imagery, more sexy people, wet sexy people, more Xtina/Brittany pop sounds. It’s a fun song, hey.. they just smashed shit up!!!… but not a winner.

Now from the Czech Republic:

Ok.. this is fun. The Lake Malawi want to make world wide, and bring to mind Paul Weller in his Style Council period and Scritti Politti. These guys are a nice mix of 80’s sound, Daft Punk production, and aren’t creepy. I don’t know if they’ll do well, but after Australia, my next pick.

Now.. Estonia going Country, Aviici style:

Ok… I blame the Mumford sons for this as well. This isn’t a bad song, Just could be any song, anytime. A pleasant remember that the world loves US Country music too.

And now… from the country that gave us ‘HARD ROCK HALLELUJAH’. FINLAAANNDD:

oh.. Lordy.. no. Finland is one of my favorite Eurovision countries because they usually are interesting, and fun, even if not great. Despite having Sansa Stark dancing on a spinning cube, this song is just… blah. Oh, so blah.


Finally, another country dealing with Russia pushing their borders westward on a daily basis, GEORGIA:

Georgia is also decent rugby nation, often suggested as a replacement for Italy in the Six Nations Tournament. As for the song… look. not a fave, but Oto is at least pouring emotion into it, and has some traditional choral singers backing him. Not a fave, but respect. And look.. that girl with the cute hair and Captain Kirk sweater is trying to feel it!

Ok.. so First Semi’s Part One… Australia and the Czech Republic stand out. Georgia get’s special mention because at least the dude sounds like he cares.

Next, First Semi’s Part Two followed by the Guaranteed Finalists, and SECOND SEMI’S.. where my countries ( Ireland, Austria, and Romania) are competing!!!

Eurovision 2019:Off To Israel We Go…

April 30, 2019

Eurovision is known for many things… politics between the member nations, odd musical choices that leave the world equally amazed and confused, and a lot of fun, the UK being shat on even when they actually have a good performance… a lot of things.

Israel won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 with this little ditty..

It’s actually hit some charts, and has been picked up by drag queens… which is the height  of heights for a Eurovision song.

I’m not being snarky. A Eurovision Song having a life outside of the following  Eurovision doesn’t always happen. After this post I’ll break down the two-semi finals into two posts, hopefully react to the winners in a timely fashion, and get some reaction to the finals.

I’m especially focused on my ancestral countries… Ireland- of which I’m a dual citizen, avid Irish Rugby supporter, and most connected to. Last years song from Ireland featured male dancer, gay romance, and irritated Vladimir Putin. It was also catchy as hell, and deserved to do better in the points.

Austria- home of Conchita Wurst, who SLAYED IT in 2014 with the best Bond movie song that never was. To be fair, Ceasr Sampson’s 2018 entry ‘Nobody But You’ was good, but it wasn’t… THIS:


And finally, Romania. Now, last year’s number by The Humans was great… but I wanted to post 2015’s entry. Eurovision is best when it’s songs have some heart, and Voltaj’s ‘Start All Over Again’ was about how millions of Romanians have to work abroad, leaving children behind. And while Romania will absolutely lean into the gothic imagery of Dracula or the folk sounds, it was nice to see them just speak a little bit of reality.

Oh… and Romanian history? If you don’t know… and I don’t know enough… it’s rough. When you’re basically a football between the Ottomans and Russia for most of your history, run by a Stalinist madman for decades, and you’re people abroad are targeted by bastards like the UKIP, yeah… you get to have some emotion about it.

Sadly, Eurovision won’t be shown live in the US this year. LOGO is not airing it again, so back to the YouTubes for,

Next post, Semi-Finalist Group 1, Part 1!


Oi, Adele, you got Soul? (2.0)

April 30, 2019

Note: For a while I was doing a separate and equally unseen blog on blogspot. Why? Silliness. BUT…  newer albums to previously blogged artists will allow me an excuse to port old posts over with fresh new paragraphs.

Ooooh…… recycled blog posts. oooooooohhh.

You’re welcome.


You know, England never lost soul. I mean, Soul & R&B in the US have splintered into so many different directions and sounds… there is not a distinct modern US Soul Sound. Feel free to disagree with me… you are probably right.

But the English have held on to Soul circa mid-60’s on for much longer then the US has. Underground events when desperate souls cross the isle and join each others for dance ins’. Don’t believe me?

Evidence: Nick Hornby’s “Juliet Naked. Read it.

Then see “Blue Juice”- a 1995 Welsh Surf movie. Yeah.. you can stream it. No worries. You’ll notice that as time gone on, Sean Pertwee.. the actual male lead of the flick, has been pushed aside for Catherine Zeta Jones and Ewan McGregor on the DVD or streaming service pics.

That’s not the point. The point is you’ll see over the scenic views there is an English soul scene that I just don’t think is here in the states. I know there are amazing soul musicians and bands… just not that lingering scene.

So when people are shocked by the waves of English Blue Eyed Soul singers ( never mind that the UK is racially diverse and has talented people of all backgrounds sharing music), they shouldn’t be. Save for their press and relations with contested territories, the Brits have had soul, and always had soul.

Now, Adele… she goes beyond the hype. And yes they’ve tried to hyper her up. And yes… they’ve likely been pressuring her some to fit the more standard image of a pop singer. Or just held pictures of Duffy in front of her saying “YOU SHOULD LOOK LIKE HER!”

No, she shouldn’t.


The fact that Adele is a singer and a writer who made two brilliant albums out of utter heartbreak give her cred. The fact that she sings with undeniable soul.. both in style and in practice,  give her cred. The fact she gets’s so many different sounds as young artists in not just two, but three amazing records by the age of 25… she is an artist who’s more than a strong belt.



“19” and “21” got 4 out of 5. Damn fine, I wouldn’t argue if you gave them the full 5. Of course, then came ’25,’ which is just plain 5 stars. She was in full queen mode, fully earned. If you don’t remember,  this SNL sketch rightly gets the feelings that “Hello” could induce at any bad moment…

She’s talked about retiring, but I hope not. Regardless, she’s a must own.

Artist: Adele

Album: 19
Year: 2008
Date Listened in Tour: 4/22/09
Rating: ****
Best Songs: “First Love”, “Chasing Pavements”

Artist: Adele

Album: 21
Year: 2011
Date Listened in Tour: 7/18/11
Rating: ****
Best Songs: “Set Fire To The Rain” , “Rolling In The Deep”, her cover of The Cure’s “Lovesong.”

Album: 25
Year: 2015
Date Listened in Tour: 1/19/16
Rating: *****
Best Songs: “Hello”, “Water Under The Bridge”,

Grand Tour Drinking Game: 1 Drink for Covers, but honestly, 2 drinks so you can savor two perfectly chilled drinks over the course of the album.

Wait… Bradley Cooper Is Winning Me Over? The Hell…

April 28, 2019

So… finally back in the blogging game. Years of not taking enough time to sit and write, listening topodcasts, and a couple of days updating my spreadsheet, and I am back.


Actually, no. Backstreet Boys sucked. I don’t have any ironic joy of them, I will not blog them. Don’t worry. You are safe. I’m still listening to podcasts.. Apocalist Book Club is a fun one when I’m not catching up on MSNBC casts or Pod Save America. BUT BACK TO FAHKING MUSIC!

I’ve mentioned my dismay about writing about Tori Amos…. an amazing artist who I just don’t feel as much as I used to… but, I caught a break. Because, between now and then, I’ve bought a couple discs that push her back in the queue.

So onto the 2018 OST for ‘A Star Is Born.’

Now, I was slightly skeptical about the movie. Bradely Cooper was an actor who just got on my nerve on a regular basis… he was great as Rocket Racoon and the skeezy FBI Agent in ‘American Hustle,’ but mostly I just wanted to slap his character.  His character in ‘Silver Lining Playbook’ was a deeply psychotic serial abuser who needed to be locked away instead of given dance shoes. But then I saw he was working with Gaga, and heard how much work he was doing on the production… I was interested. Plus, my wife is a huge fan of the “Star Is Born” movies, so there was no way we weren’t going to see it.

And then that first trailer, the first time I heard Gaga as Ally rip into the yodel/holler from ‘Shallow’… that was a moment.


I dug it… the impressionistic/Hong Kong feel, the degree to which Cooper was willing to degrade Maines to let Ally shine as a star… the weird jump of her going from Americana queen too well… Lady Gaga was a little odd… it grabbed me. The music itself… I really enjoyed it. It’s been everywhere… every Starbucks and supermarket…  but here’s one more taste incase you ran away screaming before trying another song.


There are better OST’s, better individual songs, and yes… Bradely Cooper is totally indulging his every whim on this whole shebang. That being said… he’s generous to other artists and worked to create a decently fun album. It get’s four overly emotional stars, and I don’t care if you judge me.

You don’t need to buy this album. Your collection will be complete without it. But, try more than just the two songs you heard while waiting for a frappe or the leg machine at the gym. You’ll be happy you did.

Artist: Original Soundtrack
Album: A Star Is Born
Year: 2018
Date Listened in Tour: 12/25/18
Rating: ****
Best Songs: ‘’Shallow’, ‘Always Remember Us This Way’

Grand Tour Drinking Game Score: Soundtrack (1) + Cover (1) + Live Performances (1) Drink + DIALOG SNIPPETS!!! (1)… Don’t be like Jackson Maine and chug. Enjoy your drinks over the course of the cd like a civilized drunkard.