Eurovision Second Semi-Finals, Part 2: OK… the First Semis are likely already on the air…. but I’M DONE!

Onto the final nine of the eighteen nations performing in the Second Semi’s in Tel Aviv.

Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Ireland and Latvia grabbed me… let’s see if anyone else can be the cream in my fine Eurovision Coffee!

Starting up with the country that kicked the knights out and kept the temples that are older than the Pyramids and Stonehenge… MALTA:


Fun. Just plain fun pop. This should do well… it’s a song you could imagine hearing on a spotify or… what is that thing.. radial… radeeeooohh? Whatever. It’s a pick for me.

Next up… half the country makes wine, the other half has the pick of thirty monasteries… MOLDOVA:

You know that the Canadian Celine Dion sang for Switzerland ( because you can do that) thirty years ago? Do you think that Anna Odobescu was going for a Celine Dion vibe?

I’m not digging it. Not hating it… it’s total Eurocrack, but I’m not shook.

Now from the home of the Cyrillic Language and the world’s oldest lake… NORTH MACEDONIA:

Power ballad, pride in inner beauty. Good message, not particularly great song.

Next up, from the land of Ibsen and Okkupert and YLVIS… NORWAY:

YES! CHEESINESS! CUTE SINGERS AND ONE DUDE WHO MAYBE AIN’T CUTE BUT KNOWS HE IS! PEOPLE IN ANIMAL EARS!!! A lot of  fun pop music and people having fun singing it.

This is my top pick. I dig a lot of songs, hate one or two… but I like this even more than BDSM Icelanders.

Now… one of my ancestral countries, home of some of the earlier Homo Sapiens fossils and the 2nd largest building in the world after the Pentagon.. ROMANIA:

Ok.. this is good. A nice groove… fully embracing the goth/vampire thing… Romanians don’t always go goth, you know… I hope they make it to the finals, and you should to.

Next up… from a country that practiced it’s dirty tricks to elect Trump in Eurovision… RUSSIA:

Sorry, Sergey… not your fault. Fine enough song,  but not anything interesting. Expect serious production value on stage.

Ladies and gentlemen, a pop powerhouse and home of five official languages… SWEDEN:

HELL YEAH, SWEDEN! This almost knocked off Norway as my top pick.. because, the dude is killing it, and knows it. But.. cat ears kinda win. If this song doesn’t make the finals, there is no justice in Eurovision.

Which, to be fair, is possible. It’s Eurovision, Jake.

From the home of one of my favorite bear pits in the world and most beautiful cities in the world… SWITZERLAND:

Ok.. so the dude is actually Swiss… and the song is delightfully cheesy, though the mama talk is kind of disturbing. I think the crowd in Tel Aviv will go nuts for it… not sure if I dig dig it, but I give it props.

And… yes… I got ’em all in… a land that gave us “America First, Netherlands Second” and built the first European colony on the island I was born on… THE NETHERLANDS:

Ok.. love it. Love the song, could listen to it outside of international musical competitions.

Of this group, Malta, Norway*, Romania, Sweden and the Netherlands are my picks. Keep an eye on Switzerland.. they should do well.

Other notes:

  • This has been a surprisingly more heartfelt, less electronic Eurovision than some years. Not sure why.. but it feels less Eurodisco and more good music radio.
  • I may snark… I snark a whole lot, but thanks to all the people who make Eurovision happen. This is just a big ball of fun, and despite all the politics and controversies which will pop up.. thanks to the performers for getting up there.

    Ok… this bad boy is done. See you Wednesday or really late Tuesday to review the first Semi Final winners.

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