ALTERNO-DAZED and Moderately Confused

Compilations that aren’t ‘greatest hits/best of’s’ or soundtracks come in all stripes and varieties. Some, a mess of songs that have no rhyme or reason. Well, as a compilation. The songs better have rhyme and reason. They are SONGS, godammit. Others are finely tuned, pieced together mosaics or collages that speak to a specific theme or sound. While great material for future mixes of your own, ideally they hold together as albums in their own right. You can listen to them from beginning to end, have a good flow, and feel an album as opposed to a playlist.

The Alterno-Daze discs that I have aren’t brilliant examples of the ideal compilation. But they are pretty darn good. The 3 out of 5 stars say it all. The lax chronology hurts a bit, plus some slight biases- do we need repeat Joe Jackson entries? – stand out. But, these are good. Do you ABSOLUTELY NEED THEM?

Nah. While a mix. these discs go for the bigger hits then the obscurities. If you want them, or want some more random tunes to plug you into an era, they don’t hurt.

I am including one video pick from the second disc, because it’s one of my top karaoke songs and one of the best songs ever. Modern English, “I Melt With You.” Because I don’t own a Modern English cd.

Because it’s the internet. And I can.

Artist: Alterno-Daze (Various)

Album: Origin Of The Species (2000 B.C to ?)
Year: 1995
Date Listened in Tour: 7/30/08
Rating: ***
Best Songs: “Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) – Squeeze, “Broken English” – Marianne Faithful
Album: Survival Of The Fittest (80;s)
Year: 1995
Date Listened in Tour: 7/30/08
Rating: ***
Best Songs: “I Melt With You” – Modern English, “Change” – Tears For Fears

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