AM Radio? I thought AM was for racist talkshows…

One of the great joy of a GrandTour of your music collection is finding the albums that fall through the cracks. One of them.. is “Radioactive” by AM Radio. I was introduced to them by the “Smallville” OST, through their song “I Just Wanna Be Loved.”

Nice, emo-ey, good tune. I clearly got their cd at some point, equally clearly lost it, gave it away. I don’t quite get why. Sure, the band isn’t amazeballs. Listening to them again, they clearly got some nice Weezer vibes – unsurprising since according to Wikipedia, they toured with Weezer and Rivers Cuomo managed them for a bit. Some songs, you get a touch of the 311.

Similar bands include American Hi-Fi and All American Rejects. Hmm… lots of ‘A’s and ‘M’s there….

Ponder that and get back to me.

I can’t comment on their other work, but “Radioactive” is a decent album. I don’t really feel the need to explore the band further, but you could make worse life choices.

Also- I’m adding the GrandTour Drinking Game count to the stats. I’ll re-post the rules again later. Remember, don’t GrandTour Drinking Game and drive!!

Artist: AM Radio
Album: Radioactive
Year: 2003
Date Listened in Tour: 9/9/15
Rating: ***
Best Songs: “I Just Wanna Be Loved”, “Oh Oh Oh”
Grand Tour Drinking Game Score: 1. “I Just Wanna Be Loved” does appear on an OST, and well, new feature. SO DRINK!!!

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