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Oi, Adele, you got Soul? (2.0)

April 30, 2019

Note: For a while I was doing a separate and equally unseen blog on blogspot. Why? Silliness. BUT…  newer albums to previously blogged artists will allow me an excuse to port old posts over with fresh new paragraphs.

Ooooh…… recycled blog posts. oooooooohhh.

You’re welcome.


You know, England never lost soul. I mean, Soul & R&B in the US have splintered into so many different directions and sounds… there is not a distinct modern US Soul Sound. Feel free to disagree with me… you are probably right.

But the English have held on to Soul circa mid-60’s on for much longer then the US has. Underground events when desperate souls cross the isle and join each others for dance ins’. Don’t believe me?

Evidence: Nick Hornby’s “Juliet Naked. Read it.

Then see “Blue Juice”- a 1995 Welsh Surf movie. Yeah.. you can stream it. No worries. You’ll notice that as time gone on, Sean Pertwee.. the actual male lead of the flick, has been pushed aside for Catherine Zeta Jones and Ewan McGregor on the DVD or streaming service pics.

That’s not the point. The point is you’ll see over the scenic views there is an English soul scene that I just don’t think is here in the states. I know there are amazing soul musicians and bands… just not that lingering scene.

So when people are shocked by the waves of English Blue Eyed Soul singers ( never mind that the UK is racially diverse and has talented people of all backgrounds sharing music), they shouldn’t be. Save for their press and relations with contested territories, the Brits have had soul, and always had soul.

Now, Adele… she goes beyond the hype. And yes they’ve tried to hyper her up. And yes… they’ve likely been pressuring her some to fit the more standard image of a pop singer. Or just held pictures of Duffy in front of her saying “YOU SHOULD LOOK LIKE HER!”

No, she shouldn’t.


The fact that Adele is a singer and a writer who made two brilliant albums out of utter heartbreak give her cred. The fact that she sings with undeniable soul.. both in style and in practice,  give her cred. The fact she gets’s so many different sounds as young artists in not just two, but three amazing records by the age of 25… she is an artist who’s more than a strong belt.



“19” and “21” got 4 out of 5. Damn fine, I wouldn’t argue if you gave them the full 5. Of course, then came ’25,’ which is just plain 5 stars. She was in full queen mode, fully earned. If you don’t remember,  this SNL sketch rightly gets the feelings that “Hello” could induce at any bad moment…

She’s talked about retiring, but I hope not. Regardless, she’s a must own.

Artist: Adele

Album: 19
Year: 2008
Date Listened in Tour: 4/22/09
Rating: ****
Best Songs: “First Love”, “Chasing Pavements”

Artist: Adele

Album: 21
Year: 2011
Date Listened in Tour: 7/18/11
Rating: ****
Best Songs: “Set Fire To The Rain” , “Rolling In The Deep”, her cover of The Cure’s “Lovesong.”

Album: 25
Year: 2015
Date Listened in Tour: 1/19/16
Rating: *****
Best Songs: “Hello”, “Water Under The Bridge”,

Grand Tour Drinking Game: 1 Drink for Covers, but honestly, 2 drinks so you can savor two perfectly chilled drinks over the course of the album.