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What the Che?

September 4, 2008

A bit back i was given for my birthday a history of the Armenian genocide, a biography of Hitler, and The Portrait of Dorian Grey. Yes, i asked my family if they were trying to tell me something or really trying to depress me. I’ve gotten through 2 out of 3. Hitler will just have to wait.

I also recently finished Mao: The Untold Story, or Mao: All The Times He Should Have Been Shot. Hard,

The point is I’ve recently, and historically, read a lot of books about Important People who killed a lot of Less Important People. I’m a lapsed historian, after all. It’s to be expected.

So that’s why I’m hesitant about picking that big Che Guevera bio from a year or two back.  I’m not a big fan of Marxism, Marxist Philosophers , and most  Important Killers. The diff between imp. killers and leaders?

Eye of the beholder. Entirely subjective.

I saw The Motorcycle Diaries, ( Y Tu Mama… was a way better Latin American road trip. And it actually touched on many of the same themes. Just had less of that whole Star Wars Prequel before he was Darth Vader/Che Guevera vibe  ) and the countless t-shirts made by slave labor benefiting la Revolucion in no way what so ever. But I have no idea why I should hold Che higher than the rest of the murderous scumfucks who’ve wasted millions of lives for a philosophy so awful facism was considered an alternative.

Obviously, I’ll get around to it. There’s a Che sized hole in my reading on South American history, and true, I haven’t lived through the crushing poverty that inspires people to revelot for a better life, than follow other people who do everything to destroy everything worth living for.

Hey, I know I’m prejudiced on the subject matter. It’ll be worth seeing if anything shakes that prejudice.