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Spa Breakfasts and the Endless Loop

July 17, 2008

I was having breakfast at the Westin in Coutyard Square in Alexandria,VA. The whole hi-end spa fee was a little eerie. Especially when you the hotels promotional channel featured an attractive, professional looking young woman mentioning “mature, adult films” as one your options

When ever I am in one place for too long, and feel a wee bit trapped, i dream of being in an endless loop of that place. I particulary had that dream in my old high school during winter, when wrestling and rehearsals kept me there seven days a week sometimes. The dreams weren’t nightmarish, just strange. I’d pass the time spotting variations on reality, just going with it.

The  Chemical Brothers’ ‘Star Guitar’ video, a favorite, captures that feel perfectly.-

Alexandria and it’s environs really evoked that sensation. It’s like driving through canyon’s of brick and sandstone. The newer construction, trying to capture the colonial feel,  just leaves a sense of vertigo, as buildings merge into each other without distinction.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s pretty, people are really nice, and I’m sure that if I wasn’t staying in the hole in spacetime that is Courthouse Square, I wouldn’t be feeling the full effects of realtemporal disruption.

Ah, technobabble and over-priced hotel breakfast. The two great tastes that go great together.

As for why I was in Alexandria, that’s a secret I’ll never, never tell.

XOX…. damn, I need more cofee.

By the by, this was the first of hopefully many posts began on Word-To-Go on my TungstenE2. Working out a check on Excel-to-Go, I realized I had a portable tool that would actually let me get some writing done on they fly, without lugging around a laptop and all the paranoia that comes with it.

We’ll see where this one more step into cheap ass portable computing takes me.