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Come On Bring A Friend! Adventure Time: Come Along With Me

March 21, 2021

You may or may not have watched ‘Adventure Time,’ either the original series on Cartoon Network and Hulu, or the spinoff on HBOMax.

You should. You don’t need to be a child, or in an altered state to enjoy it.

I’m way behind the show, near the end of the second season, but it’s a delightful chillout, featuring quirky characters, deceptively cute art design and delightful music.. both instrumental and with lyrics. This album features mostly instrumentals.. with the exception of a cover of the opening and closing credit songs. The closer- ‘Island Song’ in all it’s simplicity, is one of my many favorite songs. Playing it invites thoughts of spring, and escape from whatever stress you may be fleeing or not yet able to flee.

There’s a great video of the song that kind spoils the show.. so, let’s just hear the song.

There are multiple albums of songs from the show, which I might binge buy at a later time. Do you need to buy this album if you aren’t a fan of the show? Maybe not, but regardless of whether you watch the adventures of Jake The Dog and Finn The Human, this is an enjoyable, atmospheric album.

Oh, and watch the show. You’re welcome.

Artist: Various
Album: Adventure Time: Come Along with Me (Music from the Original TV Series)
Year: 2018
Date Listened in Tour: 3/2/21
Rating: ****
Best Songs: Island Song


March 2, 2021


Well, after another absence, prolonged not by distance, since, well, my computer was right behind me for like 3-4 MONTHS I WAS ON FURLOUGH… I’m back.


Ok… so, priorities.

  1. EUROVISION 2021. Let’s see if they actually air it so I can see the damn thing in the US before 2023.
  2. THE GRAND TOUR OF MY MUSIC COLLECTION: I finished a proper play through a while back, but there are new albums (physical and digital) and I got really bogged down by not wanting to write about how I don’t feel Tori Amos as much as I used to .. (STILL THE CASE) but… we must move on.
  3. Just more stuff than I want to put on Facebook, because long form rants don’t look good there.

So, back to it. We’ll see how it goes. ONWARDS!!!