Day 1 of Dragon Age: Inquisition – I Have No Comy Chair

So, DA:I.


Basically, take all that was good from everything from the last gen of gaming, especially Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Elder Scrolls, and mix it up.

While the environment isn’t the least bit destructive, you got fun characters, and huge world to play with, and so much to do. SO MUCH TO DO!

Quick Thoughts:

1) This is not an easy game. I may break down and go casual, but I can tell you, slow down, think your way through fights. It’s harder.

2) Talk to Varric as soon as you can. He’s your clue as to whether your update from Dragon Age Keep worked our not. Pretty much your only one.

3) Save, save and save often.

4) What is really impressive… this game flows ridiculously will. There are relatively few cut scenes and black outs to cut the action.

So, yeah. This is looking good. I may restart one more time.. the bow is pretty tempting.

Ta for now,



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