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Horizon Review: The War of the Worlds

May 20, 2013

Just realized that what separates the George Pal ‘WotW’ from most others.. including ID4 is, as you said, civilization is shaken, but does not crumble. Even in Wells original, things get bad, we are bombed all but back to the Stone Age. But in Pal’s, there’s the sense that we got nuked, but we’ll be fine.

Remember, this when in case of nuke, duck and cover.

As for ID4, I just realized they took the Pal step of counter attack to fruition.

Where as Wells was warning of dangers of colonialism, and Pal made a Rapture allegory,ID4 made the real American war movie.


Dreams of the Shining Horizon


Watched The War of the Worlds with my girlfriend this past weekend.  Not the 2005 Tom Cruise vehicle (nor either of the other two versions that came out that same year to ride its coattails – I know, I hadn’t heard of them either), but the 1953 George Pal classic.  And why shouldn’t I?  It is, after all, a classic.  One of the earliest and best alien invasion movies of a decade stuffed with them, it is a landmark of American science fiction.  Its influence has been enormous: there have been sequels, remakes (my favorite is the version from 1996 – you know, the one they called Independence Day), a TV series and endless imitators.  In terms of Nerd History, it is the American Revolutionary War.

So how do I feel about it?  Well, I’m reminded of something my father once told me about the Beatles: “They were a…

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