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Tending, Tending, Tending

January 6, 2012

o Day 1 of Offbalance care is underway.

We had a very sane plan where her folks would sit with her during the surgery, while I would stay home starting today, and take some days off to hang and play nursemaid.

Of course, as soon as I talked to her mom who was at the hospital, I felt immediately guilty and wanted nothing to more switch directions, and tell retail to fuck off one more day.

The thing is, I may be lovey dovey on a regular basis.. I don’t think I fail in that aspect. But everyonce in a while, the deep programming loveydovey stuff sneaks up on me. The “J_BKL DEFEND HIS WOMAN. SMASH BAD MEDICAL PROVIDERS!”

So.. yeah. Spending a chunk of the day not being in the same building as where my gal was being made better, faster, stronger was a hell of lot harder than I prepared for.

So now the nursemaid process begins. Which is easy because a certain young lady hates being taken care for. And, when I’m not puttering or playing Skyrim, we’ll be dissecting pop media together like scholars on the matter.

Although, that can be dangerous. “Waiting to Exhale” is on.. and I think I had about 3 pillows and 2 large sofa cushions thrown at me for the snark I can barely contain.

Back to the rest, relaxation, and enabling my gal’s recuperation. DUSTING… HOOOOOOOOOO!!!

2012- The Year We Make Cake.

January 1, 2012

So it was a glorious start to 2012. Survived another day of retail, joined friends for a party that was just right… just enough overeating, just enough overdrinking, just enough singing along to someone who could sing better and actually play a guitar.. just enough happiness for other people while people were happy for me and mine.


Yeah. That’s glorious. Maybe not to set the bards singing.. but that’s what Skyrim is for.


Yes, I gots. Yes, you wants. Yes, you will need to manage your habit or you will be merged with your chair, your controller shrieking its need for a recharge, while you desperately try to find one more shrine that won’t appear on the god damned map.







There are many things that need to happen in 2012. And while I repeatedly disavow New Year’s Resolutions, I have a couple of loose goals/


1) Sleep. Despite not having gotten enough sleep since 1984, I’m going to try to get some more. I’m told actually being rested will have benefits. Like, immediately.


No, I’m not afraid my hallucinatory friends will go away if I get enough sleep. I have to much faith in them.


2) Financial Awareness. I can’t promise restraint, but I will be much more aware of what money I don’t really have is being toward what I really don’t need.


So I eventually have more money that I actually have, going towards a better variety of need, don’t need, or I look damn good in.


3) Write something. More often Maybe even a long something.


No, I promise you no Brony rants, Though I do want Rainbow Dash as my warpony.


Because that would be cool.


4) No promises to flee America if we are stupid enough to let the Republicans get more power.


Because I don’t want them to be able to find me if I do need to