Thank you for my suppport? What support?

  I just got home from watching “Easter Promises” ( great. loved it.We’ll talk more later.) and dinner ( great. loved it.We’ll talk more later.), when I found an email claiming I had signed a petition for “Victory Caucus for the Drudge Report.” Turns out it’s this pro-war website, which of course I’d never seen, much less signed on for.

Here’s the text of the email, see if you’ve gotten something similar:

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: Thank you for your support!
From:    “Victory Caucus for Drudge Report” <>
Date:    Fri, September 21, 2007 8:23 pm
To:      “James Gerber” <james@jXXXXXXX)
Dear James,

Thank you for signing our Petition to stand by the American mission in Iraq.

We appreciate your support.

Please email your friends and encourage them to visit to sign the petition as well.

Thank you again for your support!



Your friends at Victory Caucus for Drudge Report


I’ve asked my name to be removed from the list. Odds are, it was just someone pulling a prank. Not a funny one. Still, if some war supporters are looking to fluff the roster of the willing, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Folks, will someone please explain to the American far right that after all the lies and fraud the Administration committed to get us into Iraq, more lies and fraud won’t make anything better?

Us lefties can challenge our side to be more truthful and honest as well. Don’t get me wrong. But we aren’t the ones trying to spin a decades long occupation of a country that didn’t have weapons of mass destruction and wasn’t behind the 9/11 attacks.

If you agree with me on the need for more mutually assured truth, thank you for your support.

One Response to “Thank you for my suppport? What support?”

  1. jamesjgerber Says:

    Here’s a follow up.

    1) I haven’t heard back from any ‘governors’ of the site, this ‘Victory Caucus’ crowd. Disappointing, but not surprising.

    2) This is wholly anecdotal, but a lot of the sites hosting the banner for the petition aren’t just pro-administration or military, but many have a far right-Christian thing going on as well.

    Religious warfare, it’s for everybody!

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